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USA 12 Posts. Geo Advanced Member. Canada Posts. BLH Advanced Member. USA 60 Posts. As everyone already knows, there is a problem controlling LED's with X10 modules because the "bleed current" that X10 requires for aling allows enough current to pass through any X10 switch in the OFF position to Meet fuck local singles most LED's dimly.

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The accepted practice is to put a 7W nightlight in the same circuit as the LED light to bleed off the X10 Module's power leakage. Or you can put a wall wart in line too. Basically anything Austin sex black will absorb the X10 Module's leakage.

X10 module controlling an led light with no leakage

This is accepted practice, but you negate part of the energy savings when using an LED by having something sucking power when the X10 module is on. So what I have done Beautiful ladies looking nsa Gresham to have a standard X10 Appliance Module trip a small independent relay to do the actual switching of power to the LED light, which gives a clean break with no power leakage.

This is the unit that makes it happen.

The two left Newly dating gift ideas are the V input from the X10 Module. You have the "Common" contact where the V line power enters the Relay. Take two lengths of the white lamp cord, strip the ends and install into the Leviton 15A V Light-Duty Plug, as shown.


Then fold down the contact assembly as shown. Shorten the white lamp cord and strip the ends and crimp on two Gauge Female Disconnect spade connectors as shown.

Strip and install the 3rd white lamp cord length and install on the left side Ladies wants nsa IL Hampshire 60140 the Output Plug as shown. On the right side, strip one leg of the length of lamp cord with the attached male plug and mount it as shown on the right side. Strip the ends of both wires and crimp on two Gauge Female Disconnect spade connectors as shown.

Note that if the Gauge Female Disconnect Spade Connectors are a loose fit on the Leviton Relay, use pliers to crimp the spade connectors tighter and reinsert them. There should be a tight friction fit for good contact.


Then attach the Spade Connector, from the lamp cord Single moms dating the Male attached plug which is connected to the Relay Output Plug, to the "Common" contact of the Relay as shown. Furthermore if you have something connected to the Normally Closed NC contact of the relay, that item will now turn ON! FYI: I had linked a nice Youtube Video to this Instructable showing assembly and performance testing but it was disallowed by Instructables.

By TechEditor Follow. More by the author:.

X10 module controlling an led light with no leakage

About: Technical Editor for two magazines. Software tester for the computer controlled electronic brakes of Locomotives.

More About TechEditor ยป. Finally re-install the screw as shown.

Close the top down and re-install the screw as shown. The 2nd image is what you should now have.

X10 module with led lights?

You should now have what is pictured. Code your X10 "Appliance" Module according to your system's requirements.

Enjoy X10 finally handling LED lights correctly! Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Mosaic Stained Glass Window by bryans workshop in Woodworking.