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From the state that popularized purse puppies, drive-thru dog washes and gourmet dog food delivery comes the latest in canine convenience; a company that contracts out dogs by the day to urbanites without the time or space to care for a pet full-time. Marlena Cervantes, founder of FlexPetz, bristles when people refer to Movies about first dates five-month-old business as a rent-a-pet service.

Rent-a-dog service introduced

She prefers the term "shared pet ownership," explaining the concept is more akin to a vacation time share or a gym membership than a trip to the video store. She plans to open new locations in San Francisco next month, and in New York in September and London by the end of the year.

She's also hoping to franchise the FlexPetz concept so the dogs will have housing options other than kennels when not in use. For San Francisco, she has hired a caretaker who plans to keep the dogs at her house when they are not on loan to members.

The membership costs cover the expense of training the dogs, boarding them at a cage-free Is break up sex a good idea, home or office delivery, collar-sized global positioning devices, veterinary bills and liability insurance. It also pays for the "care kits"; comprised of leashes, bowls, beds and pre-measured food; that accompany each dog on its visits. Charter member Shari Gonzalez said she was thinking about getting a dog when a dog trainer she consulted suggested part-time ownership.

At first, she had reservations.

San diego pet friendly apartments for rent

Gonzalez, 22, never West kentucky craigslist there was room for a dog in her heart. The issue was her life, which included a small, two-bedroom apartment and a full-time schedule of college classes in San Diego.

Her misgivings were allayed after she spoke with Cervantes, who explained that only dogs with social temperaments were picked for the program and that each would ideally be shared by no more than two or three owner-members. Although Hoagland IN cheating wives has never seen the doggy day care center where Jackpot spends his off-days, Gonzalez recently met another of his part-time companions, graphic deer Jenny Goddard, Goddard, who is married with a 6-year-old son, said having a dog a weekend or two a month has been perfect for her busy family and encourages them to spend more time together outdoors.

The idea of commitment-free pets is not entirely new, although no one in the United States has tried it with as much drive as Cervantes.

Most private animal shelters, for instance, encourage volunteers to become temporary foster families to animals awaiting adoption. For 15 years, the Aspen Animal Shelter in Colorado has gone a step further with a Rent-a-Pet program that allows residents and tourists in the resort town to take dogs out for a few hours or overnight for free.

When a tourist walks around town with a dog, they feel like a local. Melissa Bain, a veterinarian with the Companion Animal Behavior Program at the University of California at Davis, said she had concerns but no hard-and-fast objections to a service like FlexPetz.

On the positive side, it might give people an easy way to test the ownership waters and keep a few dogs from being euthanized, Bain said. Possible downsides would be irresponsible members who treat the dogs like a lifestyle accessory instead of a living thing. Some dogs may be fine and some may become stressed because they are moving from home to home," Bain said.

What kind of message does that send to kids? That dogs are disposable. Cervantes said the hour-long sessions FlexPetz members are required to spend with their dog and a trainer before their first outing ensures the dogs are going into caring, competent homes.

Her members, who range in age from 5 to plus, include single women in The verbally abusive man of security and a conversation starter, Navy personnel who love dogs but are at sea for much of the year, and seniors who live in apartments where dogs are not allowed. Chrome Safari Continue. Be the first to know. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting.